SEND and vulnerability…

ramblings of a year 1 teacher

As most who read my blog posts are aware, I have a 19 year old daughter who has ‘severe and complex difficulties’ and a 5 year old diagnosis of autism.

I try to be a good parent; I really do. I try to educate my children, to make sure they know how to keep themselves safe in a society that, digitally, is now light years away from which I grew up in. The highlight of my youth was having a speak ‘n’ spell and then  a Commodore 64, which enabled me to play games via a cassette, that took hours to load before you could play! This weekend, all thoughts of being a good parent were brought firmly to to ground with a resounding thump.

This weekend I checked her phone – I wish I hadn’t, but glad I did. She has a Facebook account and WhatsApp, due to her Dad being…

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