It’s Monday – My School Diary

It’s Monday, school life diary.

My shoes, tattered and torn and scuffed ramble with me up the lane to the school gate, “Good Morning Hadley” said our headteacher Mr T, I carried on walking. Head hung low, to scared to offer any eye contact and the busy overpowering buzz as conversations between my peers around me grew, nattering a way to each other. It hurt my brain, I didn’t understand to them simple conversation, it was just a muffled noise. I continued to drag my feet with the buzz in my head with a headteacher just a few yards behind me making sure I wasn’t going to bolt as quick as bullseye up to the school entrance where for a moment I paused, I opened the door and the light hit me from those stupid florescent tube lights, sounds of chairs from classrooms all being pulled out and teachers shouting…

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