The Hardest Part is the Assumptions.

I am River


When you are a parent, worrying pretty much comes with the territory. We all do it; it’s just part of the job. When you are the parent of a child with special needs, this worrying intensifies a thousand times over, because everything you’ve taken for granted for your typical child no longer applies. It becomes unsure. I’ve always taken for granted that Skyler will get a good education, make friends, get a job, travel, get married and have a family. Of course nothing is set in stone and it’s not guaranteed, but I think this is what we all envision for our children. But I can’t assume this for River who has Down syndrome, because none of this is certain. Is it possible? Yes, absolutely, and I will always encourage and support him to do whatever he wants in life. Unless that involves him wanting to ride a motorbike. Not…

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