The Things down syndrome has brought to our lives, and the things it hasn’t.

I am River

SONY DSCWhen I first started to write this, the plan was to write about 10 positives that Down syndrome has bought to my life and 10 negatives. I wanted to be honest, show both sides of the story and not be quite so ‘everything is rosy’. But I really struggled to come up with 10 negative things, like really struggled. There are the obvious issues that make life harder, like medical issues associated with Ds, society’s perceptions and worries about what will happen to your child after you die. Those are real significant worries for any parent of a child with special needs and I don’t take them lightly. It’s always a worry to me about what would happen if suddenly I wasn’t here anymore, but that’s actually that’s for both my children, not just River.

When I was writing, I found that I had to force negative points into it…

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