Education For All?

Freeing the Angel

“Schools for all – institutions which include everybody, celebrate differences,
support learning, and respond to individual needs”
The Salamanca Statement

In 1994, not all that long after I started teaching, the UK was one of 92 governments and 25 international organisations to sign the Salamanca Statement. The Statement called for us to find ways to make the education system inclusive for all children – to work towards a situation where children with special educational needs had the same rights of access to mainstream schooling as their peers. It stated that “those with special educational needs must have access to regular schools which should accommodate them within a child-centred pedagogy capable of meeting those needs”. As part of this the Statement called for government to give “the highest policy and budgetary priority” towards helping schools to be inclusive. If you read the Statement, it is clear that the signatories knew inclusion…

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