Inclusive Classroom: 5 Things to Consider when Including a Student in your Class

Special Needs Teaching and Education

For my first post I thought I would write a few ideas about seating a student with SEN or who has difficulty focusing within your classroom. Each student is of course an individual and these are just general ideas that may help you.


1) Can they see you easily? If the student has to turn their head or look up to look at you they will become uncomfortable and fidgety. Make sure no student is having to crane their neck past the back of another students head.

2) Are you giving them opportunity to interact with their peers? Consider who is close enough for each student to talk to. Are they likely to share an interest. Identify the most empathetic students that could act as peer mentors.

3) Will they be dominated by another student? Is there a student who demands attention and is always first to answer or put…

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