Included or not?


Yesterday, @JulesDaulby got riled on Twitter and wrote the following:

“When QT wrote a blog claiming devil’s advocate I thought actually, the blog was not provocative just prejudiced and in extremely poor taste. So I wrote a rather ranty blog. I also questioned how ‘normal’ you have to be for mainstream a while ago.

What happened next though was better: the Titans of SEN began to respond – I’ve used this image before – over the brow of the hill came the voices and it made me feel proud.”

Whilst far from being a Titan, I have a few thoughts on all of this that I’d like to share.

I have worked with pupils with additional support needs for over 20 years. The work I have done has been as a teacher and a dramatherapist and the pupils have had mild to profound needs.

I was also brought up by parents…

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