The Wrong Kind of Snow

Previously in The Wrong Kind of Snow….

Problems were denied, therapy was applied, and cunning and well articulated arguments held off the Paediatricians desire for further assessments until Pearl was two….

It happened. Pearl’s second birthday came, and she didn’t wake up walking. Or weight bearing. Or actually sitting up particularly convincingly. Poor show, my girl, poor show. Despite my assertiveness I had only postponed the inevitable, there was something wrong that probably needed a proper name.

We do like labelling things,us humans, don’t we? Let’s face it, life is unexpected and confusing. In the face of chaos, to control our fears, we label.

Objects have names which rarely relate to function, but allow us to slot them neatly into a category.

Our forefathers set off on expeditions to collect, label and categorise animal, vegetable and mineral.

In this ,we set out to both control our universe, and also assert…

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