I had written half this blog when I read a moving post called The Outsiders by @dutaut ….beautifully written and linking forgiveness amidst the pitiless horrors of terrorism to a child’s reality of exclusion and separation from his peers. Now my other blog was moaning (again) about budget cuts, rising permanent exclusions, disrespect for the work of our PRU ….all well-worn themes….but this post gave me pause and I pressed the delete button.

Instead I want to focus on what is actually happening in our schools and what we are doing to our children. It is right we should respect and mourn senseless atrocities and deaths of the innocent but I am bewildered by what we are willing to do to innocent children in our society, in our schools because we don’t know what makes them tick and don’t have the money/ time/ inclination to try!

Exclusion isn’t killing but…

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Speak Truth to Power part two

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

So, having declared that I don’t really do details, here’s part two.  I seem to have come up with a few.  If you have anything to add, please so so in the comments.


These people need to be on SLT in a school.  That needs to be added to the Code.  I am also concerned that the people responsible for co-ordinating SEND in post-16 colleges do not need to be teachers.  It isn’t a purely administrative post.


It seems to me that there ought to be some rules, based on agreed good practise, around about how the funding for SEND can be spent, and some sort of scrutiny from someone that it is having the desired effect.  It seems clear that just spending the money on a 1-1 TA isn’t the answer, and neither is putting the money into one big melting pot.  There is too much misunderstanding…

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Speak Truth to Power part one

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

Now that I’m back at home from my visits to London, I’ve had a little while to think about where we go from here as far as education and SEND is concerned. I thought, being as I have a dual investment, as it were, in its success, that I’d put some ideas down on paper, get some discussion going, that sort of thing.

We all know – or those of us with an interest in the area anyway – that there is too little good practice going on that is shared, and that too few people know about it. Too few people feel they can change what goes on, even when they do know about alternatives. It is my personal view, backed up with nothing better than a hunch, that many of the people with good ideas – the people who actually carry them out – are too far down…

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