Walking With Intent

Jarlath O'Brien

I’ve lived in Little Sandhurst for nine years. It’s a lovely, quiet little place nestled up against Wellington College, Broadmoor Hospital and the Royal Military Academy and surrounded by heathland and woodland that my children love. In that nine years I’ve crossed paths countless times with a young man who also lives in the village. He is very distinctive – ginger hair, glasses, iPod and earphones always in, jeans, hoody. He also has Down syndrome. I estimate that he’s about 25 years old.

Up until today every time I saw this young man, with one exception, he was doing the same thing – walking aimlessly, listening to his music, alone. The one exception was when he was walking with a young lady of a similar age. Every single time I’ve seen him I’ve wondered where he’s walking from, where he’s walking to and what he’s going to do when he…

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