Guest Blog 4: Not Part of ‘The Plan’

Exit Teaching

Nearly two years ago I took a year off teaching to write full time.  Next year will be my third year away from teaching, but I still haven’t had the chance to write much at all. As often happens, ‘life’ got in the way of ‘dreams’.

After 18 years teaching internationally, my husband and I moved to our sixth country together in July, 2013. This was to be my first time not working.  ‘The Plan’ was that I’d take a year off and try my hand at writing full time. We’d live off my husband’s salary for a year.  If it worked out, great; I’d be the next J K Rowling (with the millions of dollars) or E L James (without the terrible clichéd writing). If it didn’t, no big deal; I’d go back to teaching full time, a job I loved and was pretty good at (I’m told). The…

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