On the Subject of Rewards in Primary Schools. 


On Monday evening @imagineinquiry tweeted

‘We need to put aside all the paraphernalia of motivational rewards that come along with being a primary school teacher. Stickers, charts, awards, star of the week, special helpers, golden time, smiley faces. The whole idea needs consigning to the bin. None of them have a role to play and are worse than useless, causing actual harm to the kind of environment we are trying to engender where children want to learn, not because we’ve given them a sticker, but because learning is worthwhile and interesting in itself’.

At first I thought Tim was playing Devil’s Advocate. I’ve met Tim several times and he is quite simply a lovely man. (Take a bow Tim). I struggled to believe that he can’t see a role for rewarding children, in fact I’m still unsure about this. However, it appears to be true, Tim is a non believer.

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