The thorny issue of home to school transport – the DfEs words on the subject


Every so often I get a bee in my bonnet over LAs not being particularly transparent through to being downright obscure. Transport is one such issue, and since there is a lot of talk about cutting home-school transport for children with SEND, I thought I’d make a blog post on this subject.

A particular LA had been publishing not-quite-right information on this subject and ignored my emails/calls to make amendments, so I took to the DfE. I’m not going to name the LA as they have just about upped transparency to the level of just about there. What is history, in this case, is history. So, what I did on this occasion was to email the DfE with quotes and links to ‘Local Policy’, to demonstrate how economical this LA was being with the truth of the law. The DfEs response is copied below, with references to the LA removed…

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