We are all teachers of SEN/D…right!? By @ASTSupportAAli


This short blog will list out for you the 5 principles behind the changes we have made in our school regarding SEN/D and other disadvantaged student’s provision. I shared these 5 points at #TeachMeetSEND today at Oxford University Education Department.

This was organised by @SimonKnight100 and was attended by such amazing people such as, @Chrischivers2, @NancyGedge, @RachelRossiter, @SpectrumSuccess, @Natedtrust_Marc, @90_Maz, @WillJharvey, @Azpiedelazouch, @jonreidobu, @fiona_moody, @HoneybeeVic and @Libby1310 and many more!

Extend Leadership

SEN/D and Disadvantaged students provision is best served when everybody is held responsible. It is OK, good/proper for there to be a lead member of SLT who spear heads the drive. Nevertheless, the responsibility, accountability and effectiveness of practice is everyones charge. At my school, we are ensuring all subject teachers, Heads of Departments and Faculty leaders are clear about roles and expectations. Raising achievement of our disadvantaged students is a whole school approach. This needs to be more than…

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