Travel training. Encourage students to make independent journeys with friends, not just home/school

These go to eleven: sencos going one louder @AspieDeLaZouch
Idea of fixed attainment points, not realistic to expect straight line progress.
Very weak correlation across la.
Changes mean we’re all guessing. Meetings each month. Only way to check up on other agencies. No training for other agencies.
Specialist roles for ta. Identified for staff. All working for each other.

Girls with autism @honeybeevic
1 friendships.  Not knowing how to join in. Provide structured activities at free time
2 communicating.  Find different ways other then just talking. Teach eye contact
3 learning.  Need thinking time or different way of learning. Ditch gender based expectations
4 world interpretation.  Put in structure routine. Mean what you say
5 feeling misunderstood.  Help gain confidence and learn from the past

Successful learners and verbal praise Will Harvey
Measuring learning.  Five point scale…

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