The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

I don’t care about the attainment statistics of other people’s children.

I don’t want the totality of who my child is to be reduced to a number or a letter.  P4, L1A, Down’s syndrome, SEN.


I don’t want to be held responsible for things that are beyond my control, like, whether a child I teach has had an early night, or plays on the Xbox til the early hours, or regularly goes without breakfast, you know, the things that get in the way of the book learning.

I want to remove the connection between assessment and blame – after all, that is what accountability is about, isn’t it?  Who to blame when things go wrong?  Who to hold to account?

Maybe I don’t want Making Sure That Schools Are Doing What They Are Supposed To Be Doing to be about blame at all.  Maybe it’s too blunt an instrument, the…

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