That Kid Should Be In School…by @ASTSupportAAli


I posted this short post on @Staffrm brand new site. Here. Due to its popularity, I thought I would post it here too…

Being in post as the Director Of Inclusion for just over a year now, I have learnt that the best possible provision, support and help a damaged child can receive is the gift of achieving…

Education itself, is a therapy.

Simply put: nothing works better to break the cycle of deprivation, the mould of despair and the heartbreak of rejection than a student doing well in school. So lets stop, prevent, block and resist the calls from teachers to think of alternative provision, to remove a child from a mainstream setting if they are displaying difficulties, from putting them in isolation if they are affecting the learning of others, but instead get them to achieve… start small, work their way up.

A student getting a grade they…

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