A day in the life

mrs b's room

6.00- hit snooze
6.10- hit snooze again
6.11 panic its late, jump out of bed and stumble to the bathroom. Pull on work ‘uniform’ of jeans, boots, shirt and hoodie. Don’t bother with makeup but do add some funky studs!
6.30 switch on sons light to start waking him up (like me he’s not a morning person!)
6.45 breakfast, grab lunchbox and sling sons nursery bag in husbands car- he does the nursery run every day!
7.30 arrive at work, switch on laptop and make a brew whilst I wait for it to warm up
7.40 answer emails- one from a parent asking for some ideas to help their child in the holidays and one from our habilitation worker trying to sort out a slot to introduce cane training to a student
8.00 set up messy play area- fake snow today, throw away some manly cloths (I sweat they breed!)…

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