This week we have been learning about volcanoes. As well as trying to remember they are found on the edges of the plates, we’ve been learning more new vocabulary – lava, magma, igneous rock.

Making a volcano

First, we did the old faithful, making a volcano from playdough and making it erupt. We used baking powder, red food colouring (or food poisoning as one of the students insisted on calling it!) and weak sulphuric acid.



Sadly, I can’t put the pictures of the students setting them off, but you get the idea.

We then looked at lava cooling into igneous rock, using an experiment adapted from ‘Edible rocks‘. I melted the chocolate on silver foil over a beaker of water – it scares me a little how few of my Y10 students seem to have had the opportunity to use bunsen burners in the past – there’s some…

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