Structure of the Earth


This half term we are mostly focussing on OCR Science Plus C8 – Restless Earth

To that end, we have so far done the following:

Modelled the layers of the Earth with four concentric paper circles. It was quite a challenge to stick one on top of the other centrally! We named the layers and learnt about their composition.

Modelled earthquakes causing tsunamis – using a tray of water to see the waves – tap gently to get small waves. Pick up one end of tray to show water ‘rushing out to sea’ and then drop to show a bigger wave coming back in. Don’t drop too hard or you’ll flood the lab (thanks J).

Used YouTube to see videos of earthquakes and their effects; tsunamis and their effects

We have talked about the plates of the Earth rubbing together to cause these earthquakes, and are aware earthquakes happen at…

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