Clean air


This term’s topic is ‘clean air’ – Entry level Science

We talked a lot about the key words.
We weighed balloons full of air to see that they weigh a little bit but really not very much.
We swung our arms around to feel air resistance and prove there is something around us that we cannot see.
and we decided that the atmosphere is a circle of oxygen around the planet. Close, and we’ll make improvements next week!

Clean Air 1

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s not often that academic research drives me to tears. Actually, it’s not often that academic research drives me to anything, but there you are. I have an excuse; I’m on a course. Still, the last time I read anything in an academic journal it was about how views of femininity were expressed through medical texts about childbirth in the 16th Century. I, a young woman, a baby, was reading about long dead women’s lives, and the connection stopped there. It was four and a half centuries away after all.

But now, today, a fully fledged grown up woman, a mother to three children, I don’t feel the same distance. Instead of the pleasure of interest and stimulation, a firing of the brain cells and a connection between a philosophical standpoint and evidence, I felt a sense of shock. There, on the page, without me having contributed anything at…

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Knowledge and Skills and Teaching #Blogsync February


This post forms part of the Knowledge and Skills discussion for #Blogsync February.You can read all the wonderful and varying posts on this topic by visiting @Edutronic_Net ‘s #Blogsync page.

I have given the knowledge and skills debate a great deal of thought over the years. Periodically it pops up on Twitter and causes a huge debate. Tempers are frayed on both sides of the table and we sometimes end up with a right old Twitter storm. I’ve seen insults hurled and people blocked for daring to challenge the opinions of others. I’m loath to join discussions like that. For me it seems akin to arguing about politics or religion, you will never change someone’s mind in that way.

This month the lovely @Edutronic_Net has invited us to join #Blogsync where we can air our views in a calm and controlled manner. A grown up forum for sharing ideas. These…

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A Definition of Terms

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

I had a really scary lecturer at university once.  She was the sort of woman who had the sort of reputation that preceded her; I expect half of the academics in the department were frightened of her too.  One of the things that always got me was you could never quite be sure who she was looking at, who would be the next victim of her incisive questioning.

I was that person rather too often for my liking.  Then, as now, I had a tendency to make sweeping statements, to activate my mouth before my brain, and she was never prepared to let one get past her.  Her favourite comment was, ‘now, let’s unpack that statement,’ and I would have to explain myself.  In detail.  With appropriate evidence.  It was a pain in the behind.

That said, without her, I wouldn’t have done as well as I did, and I…

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

I love half term.  I don’t really care what time of year it is, I don’t even mind particularly much if it rains.  What I love is the break from the daily grind of getting three children up and dressed and ready and organised and out of the door for a day at school.  The bliss of not having to do any of that at a break-neck pace carries me through.

I’m not one of those parents who quails at the thought of the holidays.  I’m not saying it isn’t hard – I’m happy to say goodbye to the days when they were little and the change in routine and finding themselves in each other’s company was the cause of much warfare, but now, now that I too am back at school, with yet another timetable for me to coordinate, the holiday, at preferably the end of six, rather than…

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Travel training. Encourage students to make independent journeys with friends, not just home/school

These go to eleven: sencos going one louder @AspieDeLaZouch
Idea of fixed attainment points, not realistic to expect straight line progress.
Very weak correlation across la.
Changes mean we’re all guessing. Meetings each month. Only way to check up on other agencies. No training for other agencies.
Specialist roles for ta. Identified for staff. All working for each other.

Girls with autism @honeybeevic
1 friendships.  Not knowing how to join in. Provide structured activities at free time
2 communicating.  Find different ways other then just talking. Teach eye contact
3 learning.  Need thinking time or different way of learning. Ditch gender based expectations
4 world interpretation.  Put in structure routine. Mean what you say
5 feeling misunderstood.  Help gain confidence and learn from the past

Successful learners and verbal praise Will Harvey
Measuring learning.  Five point scale…

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We are all teachers of SEN/D…right!? By @ASTSupportAAli


This short blog will list out for you the 5 principles behind the changes we have made in our school regarding SEN/D and other disadvantaged student’s provision. I shared these 5 points at #TeachMeetSEND today at Oxford University Education Department.

This was organised by @SimonKnight100 and was attended by such amazing people such as, @Chrischivers2, @NancyGedge, @RachelRossiter, @SpectrumSuccess, @Natedtrust_Marc, @90_Maz, @WillJharvey, @Azpiedelazouch, @jonreidobu, @fiona_moody, @HoneybeeVic and @Libby1310 and many more!

Extend Leadership

SEN/D and Disadvantaged students provision is best served when everybody is held responsible. It is OK, good/proper for there to be a lead member of SLT who spear heads the drive. Nevertheless, the responsibility, accountability and effectiveness of practice is everyones charge. At my school, we are ensuring all subject teachers, Heads of Departments and Faculty leaders are clear about roles and expectations. Raising achievement of our disadvantaged students is a whole school approach. This needs to be more than…

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