Over the fence…


A while back I entered in to a conversation on Twitter about Ofsted inspections. I merely commented that in Secure Children’s Homes regardless of grading we are inspected twice a year (I should point out that I have been a teacher and SENCO in a Secure Children’s Home for five years). This led to some probing and very valid questions from many different people but one person in particular showed a lot of interest, @cherrylkd . A successful and experienced teacher, however she was honest enough to admit that she knew nothing about Secure Children’s Homes, to which my response was that many people know nothing of them.

After many discussions via email and Twitter I did a short q&a with Cherryl and she posted the outcomes on her own fantastic blog; http://www.cherrylkd.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/secure-childrens-homes-a-guest-interview-with-richardalbery84

Over the festive period I was badgered by several people, Cherryl included to write my own blog…

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