Secure Children’s Homes. A Guest Interview with @richardalbery84


A few weeks ago, in December I was deep in Twitter conversation with @JarlethOBrien and some other interesting tweeters about Ofsted and the frequency of their visits. We were discussing the fact that mainstream schools deemed to be Outstanding are exempt from Ofsted visits on a permanent basis. Special schools do not have this luxury. We were not moaning about this fact, more just discussing the fact that the sectors should have parity. My school, 3 times Outstanding will be due Ofsted after 5 years, yet Jarleth said that some special schools only manage 3 years between visits. The tweets continued and then Richard Albery joined the conversation. He informed us that Ofsted visit SCHs every 3 years. Well, I had no idea what an SCH was! I sent him a hurried DM and we exchanged email addresses. Richard then emailed me information of the ‘Secure Children’s Home’ he works…

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