The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

I never really got Mary.  Not Mary Magdalene; no, I certainly got her.  I like to think that if I’d been around in Judea in AD 30ish I’d have joined Jesus’ band of followers, just like she did.  I’d have left everything behind and gone on a grand adventure to change the world, not stayed at home.  When, as a middle-aged teen, I found out about her characterisation as a Whore, the antithesis to the Other Mary’s Virgin, I was shocked.  Leaving aside the diametrically opposed, two-dimensional versions of womanhood I saw before me, I was shocked at how long the whole Good Girl/Bad Girl thing had been going on (and no doubt for longer than that, too).  For me, Mary the friend, not Mary the mother; she was the one who made more sense.

The Mary in all the plays, the one in the blue dress, the…

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