My #teachinghighlight


On Wednesday 15th October I read this post from @cazzypot. She wrote of taking her disaffected PRU children to visit Shakespeare’s territory. Without giving too much away, the trip could easily have been a disaster but was billed by @cazzypot as being the highlight of her teaching career to date. @ICTEvangelist, @cazzypot and I discussed this and thought it would be good to see if people wanted to share some positive stories. So, here’s my contribution.

I have several teaching highlights as it happens. Working in a special school provides you with many tear jerking moments. For example, there was a boy who had only learnt to read ORT stage 1 words by sight right up until the age of 15. We never ever gave up on teaching him phonics and word building although to an outsider it must have seemed as though we were on a hiding to nothing…

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