Inclusion… by @ASTSupportaali

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My official title is Assistant Head Teacher: Director of Inclusion.

However, what does inclusion actually mean…

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The definition to me means allowing everyone equal access to a service, in this context, education. Irrespective of age, gender, race, sexuality, class, status, religion, learning ability, physical ability and so on.

It is a term that has increased in popularity over the years, a simple google search for jobs including the term inclusion in it provides us with many, many results!

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But why the upsurge? Why the new found belief that we should all be treated equally? (I didn’t say treated the same on purpose.) This wasn’t the state of play when I was at school in the late 90s…

In this short blog I aim to explain why I love my role and why it is so important.


I think as Human beings (especially in teachers) we are…

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