A PRU Teacher’s Promise


I promise to do my best…For the profession and for God and the Queen!
On my life and the life of my dearly beloved (including the cats…I mean especially the cats ..no..) I swear to :
Work 12 hour days until I can physically and mentally do so no longer ( zimmer frame optional…..useful for pinning recalcitrant kids against wall?).
Love all our children unconditionally, even the ones who call me a f*****g bitch and deliberately attack me with an improvised weapon!
Continue to pretend to colleagues that we’ll be fine when OFSTED eventually descend on us cos we were outstanding twice before (pinky promise).
Happily support and reassure newish head teacher in teeth of impending OFSTED cos we were outstanding twice before and goals have only changed a little bit (pinky promise).
Reassure myself and others that it is ok to permanently exclude young children.
Advise mainstream schools that…

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