Lost in Translation

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

I haven’t had an anxiety dream for a while, which as far as I am concerned is A Good Thing.  I haven’t run naked through shopping centres, searching fruitlessly for toilets, Baby Sam hasn’t been in a stolen car and left on the side of the road by robbers and I haven’t woken up, heart racing, wondering if I really was pregnant for quite some time.  I know it’s coming though.  In a few days I will no doubt embark upon a series of dreams that will wake me, unpleasantly sweating.  I can even tell you what these dreams will be about.  I will be teaching something, in a classroom, on the school field, up in space, anywhere, and no one will be listening to a word I say.

It doesn’t happen in January.  Neither does it rear its ugly head in May.  No, the time for the bad dreams…

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