Inclusion is a thing, not a place

Primarily Teaching

So the number of Special School places is rising. HURRAH!

‘But, wait-‘ I hear you splutter, ‘Isn’t that a bad thing? You know, inclusion and shit?’

No. And let me tell you for why.

Inclusion is an unhelpful word, without a context.

To me, the whole thing only makes any sense at all if we talk about ‘inclusion in education’: how can we most include a child in the process of being educated? Or in other words, how can we make them learn and flourish as much as possible?

In which case, the question which matters when we talk about inclusion is, ‘In which school setting will this child with these needs learn and flourish the most?’.

Pretty simple.

Sometimes, the answer will be a mainstream school. Sometimes, it will be a Special School. The location has no moral value: it’s a question of where the child’s needs are best…

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