Tracking SEND Changes 2014 from @ChrisChivers2 Please help

During IQM visits to schools, I have had a number of conversations about the current stage of development within the SEND changes. While a number of schools envisage some significant change, a large number seem to think that their current practice will support the new expectations. I am wondering if this is a picture across the country, as Twitter conversations can seem to suggest otherwise.

In the absence of having seen an alternative forum, I would like to use the vehicle of the Inclusion Quality Mark blog to try to describe the impact of the SEND changes for September 2014 around the country.

What would be useful would be evidence from schools that describes

  • A short summary of advice from supervising authorities, LA, academy/ free school trusts etc
  • The adjustments to current practice being planned and implemented, at different levels, from classroom to whole school, with a particular focus on tracking individuals.
  • Issues that schools can envisage after implementation.

Please use the respond box to link any thoughts. Hopefully, over time, this will build into a bigger picture.

Many thanks,


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