Singing with Signs

Class Teaching Tips

I can’t recommend supporting singing with signs – at the very least actions – when singing with young children, and those with emerging language skills, enough.  For a start it makes you, the leader, concentrate on what you are doing!  Connecting an action to a song can help little children to internalise the words and the melody, and the rhythms and rhymes of songs are an invaluable introduction to language.  Using signs makes you connect with the people you are talking to in a different way; the signs make you slow down to emphasise the words you are saying – and, hopefully, will remind you to enunciate as clearly as you can.  As a way of introducing signs to children with little or no spoken language, simple songs and nursery rhymes are, to my mind anyway, unsurpassed.

This is my version of Hickory Dickory Dock.  There are animals and counting…

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