Excuses, Excuses

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

One of the most gob-smacking things a child ever said to me was, ‘I can’t do that, Miss.  I’ve got ADHD.’  After I’d picked my jaw up from the floor and recomposed my features from inappropriate-laugh-in-your-face-ness to serious school-marm, I tutted, told him I’d never heard anything more ridiculous in my life, and sent him on his way, the proverbial flea well and truly in his ear.  As he bounced back to his seat (via the long-way-round rather than the one-way-system) I wondered quite how many times he had been allowed, in his nine or ten years of life, to get away with the same protestation, because that sort of thing just doesn’t wash with me.

You see, I am used to expecting the super-human from super-human small people. I have never been satisfied with ‘I can’t do that’.  I have long been of the view that, even though children…

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