Sensory processing disorder

mrs b's room

Sensory processing disorder describes (in very simple terms) a situation where the signals that various nerves and sense organs recieve don’t get organised into appropraite motor and behavioural responses.

So far so wooly and vague right!

I’m no expert, but like most teachers who work with children with a whole range of additional needs I’ve picked up bits and pieces about all sorts of things and sensory processing disorder is one that I often see characteristics of in lots of the children I work with. Now I can’t diagnose it and I can’t cure it but what I can do is be aware of it’s existence, alert for signs of it, refer to appropriate professionals (OT in our area) implement basic strategies that might help and then follow any reccomendations.

There are three main forms of SPD:

  1. Sensory modulation disorder
  2. Sensory based motor disorder
  3. Sensory discimination disorder

1. Sensory Modulation…

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