Getting from a to b

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

My husband started a new job about five years ago. It hasn’t turned into the most interesting job in the universe, but one good thing was that when he was sent on lots of training courses. And, because I had been at home for so long and hadn’t been on a course for years, he got into the habit of bringing all the notes back and passing them on to me. One of the most fascinating was the one on learning styles. As ever, we were not at all interested in anyone else, but immensely taken by what we could see in ourselves.

Over the years, friends and relatives have expressed surprised as to the success of our marriage; as an illustration I could point you towards our bookshelves. My books encompass plays, poetry and stacks and stacks of novels. His are mostly how-to tomes. How to fix the car…

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