Humanities, sld style


A response to (part of) the questions raised here

‘how do you teach pupils who cannot read or write, e.g. science or history’

I’ve written a lot about my science teaching, so today I shall try and tell you about my ks4 history/humanities lessons. First up, I’m not an expert, second, it’s probably the lesson I enjoy least in my working week, in terms of content, even though it’s flexible.

Meet my class – E, working at p6, no letter formation, mostly echolalic responses, although with support we get there.
A – p7, decodes beautifully, not much comprehension of what has been read
L – p8, recognizes some words, identifies sounds but doesn’t blend. Good recall of content
M – p6, no reading, forms about 3 letters, recall not bad but medical complications make this erratic at times
R – p5, non verbal, no secure signing, always chooses second…

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